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The reason for longevity and relationship with our clients? They concur with us that investing time in discovery ensures that we mesh with each other in mission, vision, core values and more.


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We have found that we can build a relationship and offer the most value to clients by parterning with those whose core values mesh ours.

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    Listen up! If you want a professional who can fill the role your organization needs for success, then talk with Sue. From a business point of view, you will only be able to go as far as your team can execute goals. Talk with Sue about how she can play a key role in getting your goals accomplished. She can help you execute all of the objectives you need to succeed.
    Kirk Niemczyk, Principal
    Kirk Michael Advisors
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    Sue is an outstanding professional and one I've come to know personally over several years. Her dedication and commitment to her clients is remarkable... clients she's served are thrilled with her work and rave about her delivery capabilities. It's an honor and privilege to call her my friend and colleague, I recommend her to anyone that is looking for an extraordinary professional that serves others with a personal standard few people can match.
    Bob Lambert, Co-Founder
    Samurai Business Group